As an aspiring visual artist, I strive to capture facets of the human soul through a fusion of realism and a diffused abstract style. Defined by sensuality, wisdom, and the wonderful, my work inspires lightness in the subjects and their movements. Over the years, I’ve developed a keen sense of observation in my subjects. Each detail unveils an expression of myself.

Since I was 11 years old, I’ve been captivated by painting and the intimacy it reveals. While I mostly work with acrylic and oil on canvas, I occasionally experiment with painting on wood or aluminum panels to enhance the structure of my creations. My subjects include nude models and a vast array of objects. The transparency of my work is a blended form of precise realism and elements of spontaneity expressed through gestural freedom.

My goal is to communicate complex emotions through my work and visually express passions and desires. Through my style, technique, and color choices the audience can connect on a deeper level and experience enriched emotions.


• Art Renewal Center Salon Rehs Award – 2014-2015

• Art Renewal Center Salon finalist – 2014-2015

• Art Renewal Center Salon finalist – 2013-2014

Group Exhibitions

• Rehs Contemporary Galleries (December 2016)

• Salmagundi Club. New York, USA (January 2016)

• European Museum Of Modern Art. Barcelona, Spain (November 2015)

• Best Western. Pétion-ville, Haiti (December 2014)

• 2nd Annual Downtown Art Days at McCormick place. Miami FL, USA (September 2013)

• Miami Convention Center. Miami FL, USA (February 2013)

• Brasillero. Pétionville, Haiti (December 2011)

• Festival Art. Pétionville, Haiti (January 2008)

• Orphelinat St-Joseph Home for boys. Delmas, Haiti (January 2008)

• Le Montcel. Kenscoff, Haiti (December 2007)

• Les jardins de Gerard. Pétionville, Haiti (December 2007)

• Divine Trash. Miami FL, USA (December 2006)

• Carrier Art Collection. Pétionville, Haiti (May 2006)

• Orphelinat St-Joseph Home for Boys. Delmas, Haiti (January 2006)

• Haitian Museum Of Art. Champs-de-Mars, Haiti (May 2005)

• Orphelinat St-Joseph Home for boys. Delmas, Haiti (January 2004)

• Complex Marabou. Pétionville, Haiti (December 2003)

• Carrier Art Collection. Pétionville, Haiti (December 2003)

• Clic 123. Pétionville, Haiti (July 2000)

Selected Publications

• Arte Y Libertad XI. 2017 

• John O'Hern.<<Dedicated to their craft>>. American Art Collector.(October 2016. issue 132)

• Milene Fernandez. << Preview of Rehs Galleries Inaugural ‘ARC Select’ Art Exhibition>>. Epoch Times (18 October 2016)

•  Art Renewal Center Salon 2014-2015

• Art Renewal Center salon 2013-2014

• Jean Emmanuel Jaquet. << Philippe Attie et Thierry Barthole: L'entente secrete >>. Le

nouvelliste (12 December 2014)

• Patrice-Manuel Lerebours.<< Les couleurs de l'ame>>. Le nouvelliste (05 December 


• Weber Lahens. <<Redéfinir les couleurs de l'âme>>. Le nouvelliste (05 December 2014)

• Webert Lahens. << Nus à coeur nu : L’atelier de Ralph Allen et une invitée. Le nouvelliste(15 November 2011).

• Patrice Lerebours. <<Philippe Attié, Une passion débordante.Le Nouvelliste (23 April 


• Jean Antoine Arisma. << La nuit des centenaires>>. Le nouvelliste (14 septembre 2009)

• Léopold Ciné. « Philippe Attié jeune peintre a découvert ». Panoramag Vues d’Haïti

(December January 2008) #17.

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January 2008).

• Claude Bernard Sérant. « Montcel, une belle expérience ». Le Nouvelliste (17 December 2007).

• Bien-Cher Louis- Pierre. « Toute la diversité de l’art à le Montcel ». Ticket Magazine

(20 December 2007).

• Webert Lahens. « Ralph Allen déballe son atelier ». Le Nouvelliste (30 November 2007).

• « Kathy, Attié et Lemoine le plaisir de peindre ». Le Nouvelliste (29 May 2006).

• Gary Augustin. « Voir le corps à Carrié Collection ». Le Matin (23 May 2006)

• César C. Yves. «Vernissage de l’exposition « Tendance de la jeune peinture haïtienne »

au Musée d’Art Haïtien ». Le Nouvelliste (17 June 2005).

Other Works

• Mural on Ramat Shalom Synagogue's wall (August 2014)

• Painting on ornaments for the «Rock Star » collection in collaboration with artist Natalie Sarabella

• Participation in the decoration of the carnival float « LA DIASPORA, PONT ENTRE

LA TRADITION ET LA MODERNITE »for the Ministry Of Haitian Living Abroad

(February 2007)

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